Current release Spider Project: 18.04.39 Date: 21.09.2018
Spider Project version 18.04 release 01 - from 4.05.2018

    The project file format has changed to 18.04.
    To open a project in the old version saved by the new version the textual export/import should be used.

  • There are two separated columns "Sum volumes" (for phases) and "Key volume" (for activities) instead of the single column "Sum volumes / Key volume" in Activity Gantt.
  • The dropdown list "Column titles alignment" in the report template property is moved from the page "Other" to the page "Data".
  • Printing:

  • Multiple headers and footers up to 5.
  • New multipage setup dialog like as print template properties.
  • Tags can be inserted in titles, headers and footers. The tags are converted to actual values in the preview. The button "Insert tag" is used for that. By pressing it the menu items "Project property" and "Field of the project main phase" appear. Those are two kinds of tags.
  • Now the preview windows are in the list of all opened windows in the menu "Window" of every window.
  • Now there is a blank print template in a project, by selecting which, you can clear the print settings.
  • Markers in Gantt diagrams:

  • Markers for a specific date-time can be defined in Gantt diagrams. Marker is a vertical line of selected type, thickness and color. Now a project has new table "Markers". The field "Show" defines whether the marker is shown on diagram.
  • Group work (for Professional and Desktop-Plus versions):

  • Local users list (for local computer) and global users list (corporate, common, remote).
  • New items "Group work" and "Users list" in the main window menu "Settings".
  • Users can be moved between the local list and the project table "Users" by menu items
    "Table / Add users from local list"
    "Table / Add selected users to local list"
  • Users can be moved between the local list and the global list in the dialog "Group work" by buttons
    "Add users from global list" and
    "Add selected users to global list"
    or by corresponding items of the menu "Table" of the table "Users list".
  • New option - "Ask for login and password at startup" in the "Group work" settings. The login and password can be saved for the next startup.
  • New item in the user's popup menu in the project table "Users":
    "Login as selected user".
  • Users don't have the property "Connection method" anymore. Instead in the fields "Indox" and "Outbox" you can select either network folder or FTP-connection. FTP-connection has now the prefix "ftp://".
  • Now there is no built-in Administrator in a new created project. Any user with Administrator access rights is an Administrator.
  • Export / import:

  • Export to MS Project XML has 3 new calendar options - "Minutes per day", "Minutes per week", "Days per month".
  • By export to MS Project XML the accidental line breaks are deleted from values since MS Project gives an error otherwise.
  • Other:

  • If a user defined field represents a color then the color choose dialog is invoked by double-click.
  • New option in spendings calculation setup - "Calculate data distribution on the graph".
  • "Create by codes" is renamed to "Create by fields".
  • New information at the page "Data" of cost component properties - "Unit cost at" (only if it has cost periods). The similar information is on page "Cost components" of material and resource properties.
  • New item "Expand materials on activities" in the "Edit" menu of Activity Gantt.
  • New button "Execute group" in the "Formulas" dialog. Formulas inside a group are executed in the same order as they are located in the project table.
  • New option in resource and user properties - "Send notifications before ... days".
  • Font setup for "Data distribution on the graph" report.
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