Current release Spider Project: 18.04.39 Date: 21.09.2018
Spider Project version 18.02 release 130 - from 28.02.2018


  • New kind of reports - Data distribution on the Gantt graph (menu "Report" in the Gantt diagram).

    For creating it a report template should be created where two parameters should be chosen. The first one is to be shown above activities and phases, the second one - under them.
    Here the number of decimal digits and the appropriate report period can be defined.
    Note that the option "Data on the graphic part" must be switched on.
  • Table layouts:

  • Table layouts have now the same format as Gantt diagrams layouts (SCNF files).
  • Now they can be stored in the "Layouts" table of a project.
  • All project tables have a dropdown list of layouts to choose from.
  • Scheduling:

  • There are two new options in the scheduling setup dialog:
    - "Automatically calculate costs and materials"
    - "Automatically calculate resource peak workload"
  • Other:

  • New user fields option "Multiply when scaling activities".
  • The button "Fonts" in the print preview.
  • Now a calendar or a group of them can be replaced to the selected one in the whole project by menu item "Replace calendar" in the calendars popup menu in the "Calendars" table.
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