Current release Spider Project: 18.04.23 Date: 19.07.2018
Spider Project version 17.02 release 81 - from 23.10.2017

    New functions in formulas:

  • Add_Hours_Calen (date; hours; calendar code) - returns the date changed by the given number of working hours by the given calendar.
  • Add_Days_Calen (date; hours; calendar code) - returns the date changed by the given number of days by the given calendar.
  • Filters:

  • The new filter "All preceding and succeeding activities" in the activies pop-up menu.
  • The new filter "Filter / Activities without successors from finish only" in the Gantt diagram menu.
  • Reports:

  • The new reports in the Gantt diagram "Report" menu: "Schedule statistics", "Resources availability report", "Resource overloads report".
  • Other:

  • The new menu "View" arreared in all windows. It allows to switch quickly to any table or diagram of the project not using the main window. If CTRL is pressed a new window is opened (like in Windows Explorer).
  • The new options in export to MS Project XML - "Duration format" and "Link lags format".
  • The new field "Remaining Lag" in the links table.
  • The new options "Don't create a copy of the project" and "Leave only the main WBS" in the "Truncate project" dialog.
  • The new field "Succeeding activities from finish" in the Gantt diagram.
  • The new field "Workload" in the resource skill assignments table.
  • The link flag 'Resource Dependency' can be canceled in the link property window.
  • The autosave path can be defined.
  • The new option "Data column width" in the "Report parameter properties" window.
  • The new option "Shift links with lags" in the "Additional" page of the Gantt diagram setup window.
  • The hot key DEL for the action "Remove from Actual data input".
  • CTRL+A selects all the rows in tables.
  • The new field "Activities" in the multi-resources and resource skills tables. It contains codes of activities to which this multi-resource (skill) is assigned.
  • Multi-selection is allowed in the values list of a field.
  • The report parameters have the new option "Compared version".
  • Script Language:

  • The new command DOCINVERTFILTER - invert filter in a document.
  • The new command PROJTABINVERTFILTER - invert filter in a project table.
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