Current release Spider Project: 18.03.01 Date: 25.04.2018
Spider Project version 18.02 release 130 - from 28.02.2018


  • New kind of reports - Data distribution on the Gantt graph (menu "Report" in the Gantt diagram).

    For creating it a report template should be created where two parameters should be chosen. The first one is to be shown above activities and phases, the second one - under them.
    Here the number of decimal digits and the appropriate report period can be defined.
    Note that the option "Data on the graphic part" must be switched on.
  • Table layouts:

  • Table layouts have now the same format as Gantt diagrams layouts (SCNF files).
  • Now they can be stored in the "Layouts" table of a project.
  • All project tables have a dropdown list of layouts to choose from.
  • Scheduling:

  • There are two new options in the scheduling setup dialog:
    - "Automatically calculate costs and materials"
    - "Automatically calculate resource peak workload"
  • Other:

  • New user fields option "Multiply when scaling activities".
  • The button "Fonts" in the print preview.
  • Now a calendar or a group of them can be replaced to the selected one in the whole project by menu item "Replace calendar" in the calendars popup menu in the "Calendars" table.
Spider Project version 18.02 release 128 - from 14.02.2018

  • New filter in the Activity Gantt - "Activities without predecessors to start only".
  • New field in the Activity Gantt - "Preceding activities to start".
  • New menu item "Sort assignments inside activities" in the Activity Gantt.
  • New option "Alphabet" in the fonts setup dialog.
Spider Project version 18.02 release 124 - from 1.02.2018

    Composite filters and formulas:

  • Filters and formulas can contain other filters and formulas.
    Filter (filter code)
    Formula (formula code)
    To select them from the list use the buttons "Filter" and "Formula" in the edit dialog.
    In the case of formula only its right part is used, the left part (assignment) is ignored.
  • Formulas can be inserted into filters and vise versa.
  • Now the column "Code" is present in the filter and formula edit dialog.
Spider Project version 17.02 release 111 - from 26.12.2017

  • The new option in any tables properties (and Gantt diagrams), reports and templates - "Column titles alignment" (to the left, to the right, to the center).
Spider Project version 17.02 release 109 - from 19.12.2017

  • When consolidating a portfolio if the same resource has a different number in different projects then the maximal number will be taken.
  • The graphs in the Gantt diagrams have a new property - Line thickness.
  • The column "Total" in reports can be shown on the left.
Spider Project version 17.02 release 106 - from 13.12.2017

  • A project truncation can be done from data date backwards.
  • New option "Perform cost / material calculation" in the "Truncate project by period" dialog.
  • The "Highrise construction diagram" diagram is improved. And it can be scaled horizontally (SHIFT + mouse wheel) and vertically (CTRL + mouse wheel).
  • Filters in the "Actual data input" table can be applied not only to activities but also to phases and resource assignments.
  • New option "Arrangement" on the "Rows and columns" page of the report wizard.
  • The resource constrained scheduling is speeded up.
Spider Project version 17.02 release 84 - from 1.11.2017


  • The following tags can be used in titles, headers and footers:
    which are replaced in preview to the corresponding values:
    - Project name
    - Project code
    - Project version
    - Data date
    - Current date
  • Also any field of Gantt diagram can be used as a tag. Then the value of the main phase of the main WBS will be shown in preview.
Spider Project version 17.02 release 81 - from 23.10.2017

    New functions in formulas:

  • Add_Hours_Calen (date; hours; calendar code) - returns the date changed by the given number of working hours by the given calendar.
  • Add_Days_Calen (date; hours; calendar code) - returns the date changed by the given number of days by the given calendar.
  • Filters:

  • The new filter "All preceding and succeeding activities" in the activies pop-up menu.
  • The new filter "Filter / Activities without successors from finish only" in the Gantt diagram menu.
  • Reports:

  • The new reports in the Gantt diagram "Report" menu: "Schedule statistics", "Resources availability report", "Resource overloads report".
  • Other:

  • The new menu "View" arreared in all windows. It allows to switch quickly to any table or diagram of the project not using the main window. If CTRL is pressed a new window is opened (like in Windows Explorer).
  • The new options in export to MS Project XML - "Duration format" and "Link lags format".
  • The new field "Remaining Lag" in the links table.
  • The new options "Don't create a copy of the project" and "Leave only the main WBS" in the "Truncate project" dialog.
  • The new field "Succeeding activities from finish" in the Gantt diagram.
  • The new field "Workload" in the resource skill assignments table.
  • The link flag 'Resource Dependency' can be canceled in the link property window.
  • The autosave path can be defined.
  • The new option "Data column width" in the "Report parameter properties" window.
  • The new option "Shift links with lags" in the "Additional" page of the Gantt diagram setup window.
  • The hot key DEL for the action "Remove from Actual data input".
  • CTRL+A selects all the rows in tables.
  • The new field "Activities" in the multi-resources and resource skills tables. It contains codes of activities to which this multi-resource (skill) is assigned.
  • Multi-selection is allowed in the values list of a field.
  • The report parameters have the new option "Compared version".
  • Script Language:

  • The new command DOCINVERTFILTER - invert filter in a document.
  • The new command PROJTABINVERTFILTER - invert filter in a project table.
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