Current release Spider Project: 11.04.26 Date: 29.08.2016
Spider Project version 11.04 release 3 - from 8.06.2016

  • New option "Show percent complete" in the Gantt diagram setup on the tab "Additional". Percent complete is specified in a selected user field. By default the field is "PSp" (Earned Value Analysis group of fields) from a compared project. The percent complete bar is shown in light gray color by default but can be changed. It is useful in the baseline version of a project if it is compared with the current version.
  • Script Language:

  • New command PROJSAVEWITHOUTCOSTS - save without costs as...
Spider Project version 11.04 release 1 - from 2.06.2016

    The project file format has changed to 11.04.
    To open a project in the old version saved by the new version the textual export/import should be used.
  • Printing:

  • The Gantt diagram printing legend can be set up.
  • New button and menu item "Select printer" in the print preview.
  • The page orientation, page size, margins and other options are saved.
  • The preview window position is saved.
  • The preview scale is saved.
  • Actual Data Input table:

  • The drop-down list "Expand to level" in the toolbar,
  • If the SHIFT key is held down a phase is expanded to the next level only.
  • Other:

  • Actual periods in the Performance Archive are colored as their activities in the Gantt diagram.
  • Pictures of different formats (not only BMP) can be embedded into Gantt diagrams and Time-Location chart.
  • The dialog windows "Truncate project" and "Add to Actual Data Input table" are unified. A number of days from the project data date can be entered instead of start and finish.
  • New menu item "Comparison / With previous version".
  • New columns "Background color", "Text color", "Graph color" and new menu items "Copy coloring", "Paste coloring" in all Gantt diagrams and tables of activities, links, resources, materials, projects. A color is indicated by a number which can be copied or generated by a formula.
  • The resources workload can be defined in multi-resources.
  • The Spider Project version in which a project was saved is shown in the "Additional options" of the project.
  • Script Language:

  • New command PROJCOMPAREPREVPROJ - compare the project with previous version.
Spider Project version 11.03 release 205 - from 22.04.2016

  • New item "Calculate DRAG" in the activity pop-up menu.
  • The field "Resource-hours [Remaining]" is calculated for teams, multi-resource and skill assignments during cost and material calculation.
Spider Project version 11.03 release 204 - from 13.04.2016

  • New electronic key driver is included into distributive (the old one can fail in Windows 10).
  • New option "Key volume" in the activity group properties.
  • New menu item "Remove from skill" in the resource assignment pop-up menu. This assignment will be moved direct into the team containing the skill assignment. It is useful when the assignment has actual data (so, cannot be deleted) but we are not going to use it in the skill anymore.
  • The column "Volume [Actual]" can be shown in the Actual Data Input table.
  • User defined colors can be copied from an activity to other ones - menu items "Copy coloring" and "Paste coloring".
  • Changing and copying user defined colors can be undone.
  • New menu item "Color" in the activity pop-up menu in the Actual Data Input table.
  • New option "Close window automatically" in the "Links" dialog.
  • New option "Show setup window by scheduling and calculations" in the "Options of new projects and documents" dialog.
  • New option "Show years" in the time scale settings.
  • An activity in the Actual Data Input table has the same user defined color as in the Gantt diagram.
  • New option in the storage properties - "Don't show all the names at once (speeds up the reading of network storages)".
  • New option in the workplace options - "Open 'Projects and documents' window at the program start".
  • New option in the Gantt diagram properties - "Use last created link properties when creating a new link by mouse".
  • The read-only cells text color can be set up.
  • New item "Calculate productivity" in the pop-up menu of multi-resource assignments.
  • The type of files (text or CSV) can be selected during export/import of projects into text files. The delimiter is set up by default but can be changed.
  • New option in the additional project properties - "Show quantity" in the activity's field "Assigned resources".
  • New item in the main menu "Settings / Subprojects consolidation options".
  • A new menu item "Add level by field values" in the phase pop-up menu. It allows to group activities of the phase by different values of the selected field keeping the internal structure of the phase.
  • Hierarchical indents in the text columns by right alignment.
  • The table export into HTML files is improved.
  • The menu item "Only activities that use..." has the subitems "Resources", "Multi-resources" and "Resource skills".
  • Now if showing of phases is switched off then the main phase is also hidden.
  • The color of critical resource assignments can be set up.
  • New option "Calculate peak workload considering Performance archive" in the "Resource peak workload options" dialog.
  • Hot keys:

  • New hot key Alt+H for the menu command "Filter / Hide selected".
    Now the command doesn't ask to cancel a previuos filter.
  • New hot key F10 for the command "Execute the favourite script".
  • Now it is possible to expand to a selected level on the toolbar only selected phases or activities. For that SHIFT must be pressed.
  • If a rectangular block is selected and SHIFT is pressed then the sum of cell values (which is shown on the toolbar) is copied into clipboard.
  • Fixes:

  • Corrected - codes could remain non-unique after copying a block of activities.
  • Corrected - a filter remained in a configuration though it was canceled.
  • Corrected - after filtering activities filter on phases disappeared.
  • Script Language:

  • New command PROJUPDATEREF - update version number of corporate reference-books.
  • New command PROJADDPROJ - add a project into a portfolio.
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